The world’s biggest car contains entire apartment only enterable by secret door

  • The world’s largest Hummer weighs over 60,000 kilos but, believe it or not, it’s drivable
  • The tires are massive, roughly 2 meters tall, and they cost $25,000 each
  • Among other things, it has an entire apartment built inside it

Published on Nov 29, 2023 at 5:47 PM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

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The world’s biggest car contains entire apartment only enterable by secret door

This is an oversize Hummer H1 and technically, it’s the world’s biggest car.

It belongs to Sheikh Hamad Al Nahyan of Dubai and, believe it or not, it works just like any other Hummer.

Except it’s bigger than some apartments and it weighs 60,000 kilos.

It also has an entire apartment built inside it.

Check out this massive Hummer in the video down below!

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The massive Hummer is 21-feet tall, or six meters, which means it is around three times the size of a ‘normal’ Hummer.

In fact, that’s where the inspiration for the name came from: it is known as the Hummer H1 X3.

If you want to get an idea of how big it is, just consider the fact that each tire measures roughly 7 ft 2, which means they’re taller than most NBA players.

And those tires are expensive, too.

Each one costs $25,000.

Everything about the Hummer is massive, and massively pricey.

Each door, for example, takes around six months to build.

In order to get inside, you’ve got a flight of stairs located underneath the body of the Humvee.

Because it’s so massive, it has more than one floor, and the interior has enough space to accommodate a bathroom with a sink, a kitchen, and a five-star hotel-style lounge room.

Obviously, you also get a luxury penthouse suite.

And, the cherry on top of the cake – it even has a dedicated room for the engine.

Speaking of which, the engine that powers the world’s biggest car develops 1,000 horsepower and gives it a top speed of around 32 km/h – or 20 mph.

The Hummer was built on commission for Sheikh Hamad, who is also known as the ‘Rainbow Sheikh’.

Why the Rainbow Sheikh?

That’s because the Sheikh, a proper gearhead, has a fleet of hundreds of cars, among which you’ll find an entire fleet of vintage Mercedes E Class, one for each color of the rainbow.

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