The world’s top CEOs spend mind-blowing seven figures on personal security

  • The world’s top CEOs spend an enormous amount of money personal security
  • Apple’s Tim Cook is one of the most ‘frugal’ when it comes to security
  • Google’s Sundar Pinchai spends $16k per day on security

Published on Nov 30, 2023 at 7:11 PM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

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The world’s top CEOs spend mind-blowing seven figures on personal security

Running a multi-billion dollar company comes with perks and benefits, and risks.

That explains why the world’s top CEOs spend a colossal amount of money on security every year.

Some of them spend up to seven figures per year.

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When it comes to personal security, Tim Cook is relatively ‘frugal’ as he ‘only’ spends $591,000 per year.

Obviously, we say frugal just because all the other CEOs spend way more than that.

And that’s counter-intuitive, in a way, because Tim Cook is a lot more famous, or perhaps we should say recognizable, than the second guy on the list Bob Iger.

You may have never heard of Bob Iger but he runs Disney, and he spends $830,000 per year on security.

Netflix’s Ted Sarandos spends nearly twice as much, $1.4 million per year to be exact.

Jeff Bezos, who is significantly more recognizable and some might say more flamboyant than both Iger and Sarandos spend a whopping $1.6 million per year.

But no one gets even close to Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google.

Pichai spends $5.9 million (!) per year on personal security.

To put that in perspective, that works out at $16,000 every single day.

A honorable mention goes to Elon Musk.

It’s unclear how much the world’s richest CEO spends on personal security, but what we know is that he always has at least two bodyguards, and a driver, that follow him literally everywhere he goes.

Obviously, personal security entails a lot more than just hiring bodyguards and drivers but even so, that’s a mad amount of money.

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