These are the 5 videos going viral amid US snowstorm

One video shows at least five parked cars sliding down a slippery street in Seattle, crashing into poles and each other along the way.

by | Published on 27th Dec 2022

A crippling ice storm is hitting the United States, covering cars in snow and sending them sliding down icy roads – especially in Seattle.

One incredible video shows at least five parked cars sliding down a slippery street in Seattle, crashing into poles and each other along the way.

These are the five videos going viral right now.

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5. Parked cars sliding

This video, shot from someone’s window, shows five parked cars sliding down a steep, ice-covered road in Seattle. 

While one car is stopped by a pole at the top of the street, the rest fly down the hill hitting other parked cars along the way. 

4. Driver struggles

In this video, also taken in Seattle, a driver can be seen hopelessly trying to navigate his car as it slides back into other vehicles. 

The driver looks out the window behind him as the car quickly gains momentum on the ice. 

He can be seen trying desperately to put the brakes on to no avail, before ultimately crashing into two other cars on the road. 

Only then does the car finally come to a stop. 

3. Slow motion crash

In this video, the man filming can be heard commentating as a car outside slowly loses traction. 

“Guy who ignored the news, he’s going for it,” he says. 

“Oh sh*t” he says as the car starts sliding back into another car. 

A woman sitting in the car behind him can be heard screaming as the car slowly hits hers. 

After the pair try to stop the situation from worsening, both cars suddenly start sliding backwards together. 

2. Parked cars vs icy roads

Seattle took the brunt of the snowstorm, with ice coating roads right across the city. 

This video shows one vehicle taking out a handful of parked cars as it slides down the icy road. 


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♬ Oh No – Kreepa

1. Finding the comedy

It wasn’t just cars that were finding the ice difficult to navigate. 

This guy was struggling to even get to his car. 

He took one step onto the ice and then glided over to the vehicle. 

All while his wife was laughing hysterically in the background, of course. 


The cold spell didn’t just give us icy roads: it has also affected flights, with airlines having to cancel hundreds of flights right across the country.



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