These guys used 3D printers to build a dope car out of carbon fiber

  • This YouTube channel wanted to create a car out of carbon fiber
  • Making use of four 3D printers, they set about making the car a reality
  • The vehicle was later displayed in Las Vegas

Published on Jul 10, 2024 at 3:02 PM (UTC+4)
by Ben Thompson

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A group of YouTubers have taken on the task of using 3D printers to build a car out of carbon fiber.

It’s no secret that 3D printers are capable of producing some seriously cool things.

But an entire car is an ambitious project by any stretch.

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Creating a Tesla-Swapped 240Z Datsun through 3D printers

The guys behind the YouTube channel Street Bandito worked on creating a 1970 Datsun 240Z over the course of several months.

Tim and Xavier, the channel’s hosts, were already in the business of creating cool customized cars.

But this endeavor was on another level.

Beyond simply making a car, they wanted to ensure it would be sturdy enough in the World Time Attack and Global Time Attack Series competitions.

This meant that Tim would need to replace the heavy body panels with some lightweight substitutes made out of carbon fiber.

But in doing so, he really was starting from scratch.

In order to recreate the exterior, he sanded down, cleaned and prepped each of the existing panels to ensure they’d be as smooth as possible.

Once that was done, he coated each panel with epoxy resin and began applying the layers of 2×2 Twill Weave Carbon Fiber.

With four printers at work, it took four days in total to complete the fenders alone.

Eventually, after a lot of sweat, blood and printing, the car was complete – and ready to be displayed at the SEMA (Speciality Equipment Market Association) 2023 convention.

Getting the car from Baltimore, Maryland to Las Vegas, Nevada took a 36 hour road trip.

Fans were enthused with the channel’s efforts, and shared their appreciation in the comments.

One wrote: “This car is actually a work of art! Definitely one of the coolest cars at SEMA for sure!!”

Another gushed: “Well deserved gents! Such an amazing build from start to finish, I am sure you are already working on the next project but this one is going to be hard to top.”

To watch Street Bandito’s car creation process in more detail, head over to their YouTube channel.

We can’t wait to see what they do next either.

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