This concept electric car only has two wheels and can park itself by turning 360 degrees

Published on Oct 19, 2023 at 5:15 PM (UTC+4)
by Andie Reeves

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This concept electric car only has two wheels and can park itself by turning 360 degrees

The man who invented the hoverboard has just created an electric car.

And it’s pretty weird looking.

Shane Chen’s two-wheel hoverboard design has been ripped off hundreds of times since he launched it in 2011.

But his latest offering will be a little harder to copy.

The bizarre vehicle has two massive wheels, doors that open like a clamshell, and no steering wheel.

And it’s called SHANE, lest anyone forget who invented it.

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While the car looks out of this world, Chen describes it as ideal for everyday driving.

It contains five bucket seats and has a generously-sized trunk in the back.

One of the most interesting features is the doors.

The front and back of this electric car open upwards like a clamshell.

Overall the SHANE has the appearance of a computer mouse in between two hamster wheels.

Two very sleek hamster wheels lined with LED light strips.

“Two-wheeled cars have simply not been practical or stable enough for everyday driving until now,” Chen says.

“I was excited to create a car concept with two wheels that can go at high speeds and be energy efficient.”

The wheels react relative to the car’s body, shifting the center of gravity when needed.

This keeps the car level and as stable as a four-wheel car.

It can even take on speed bumps with ease.

The wheels also help to power the vehicle.

They contain regenerative shocks that save damping energy to recharge the car’s battery.

Parking is made possible thanks to its wheel differential speed control.

This means each wheel can move at its own speed.

The car turns to fully face the parking spot, drives forward into it, and then turns again.

Perhaps most impressively of all, this maneuver is pulled off without any steering.

The SHANE has no steering wheel, and is driverless and autonomous.

Chen prides himself on his inventions that make moving around a more creative experience for humans.

Besides the super successful hoverboard, Chen has also invented an instrument that is used by NASA.

So don’t be surprised if you see one of these giant futuristic hamster wheels on the highway soon.

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