This guy built a jet-powered scooter and it’s insanely fast

It takes someone crazy to come up with the idea of building a jet-powered scooter, but it takes an ever crazier person to actually ride it.

by | Published on 23rd May 2023

A guy has built a jet-powered scooter by mounting a jet engine to an electric scooter.

He’s literally only done it to see how crazy it would be and how fast it would go.

And he’s documented the whole thing in a video.

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YouTuber Warped Perception is no stranger to crazy jet-powered builds.

During lockdown, he set himself the challenge of building a jet-powered go-kart.

He swapped out the diesel engine for a jet engine and – as you can imagine – the end result was nothing short of spectacular.

Well, he’s outdone himself this time, strapping a jet turbine with almost 100lb of thrust to the back of a Fiido Beast electric scooter.

The Fiido Beast electric scooter isn’t your average scooter, though.

While most electric scooters are pretty weak, the Fiido Beast is much more powerful.

It’s all-wheel drive, and it’s got all-terrain tires and hydraulic disc brakes front and rear, all of which make it heaps of fun to ride.

But the YouTuber decided to take it to another level, as the video shows.

He got to work on the housing for the jet engine, which would be mounted to the back of the electric scooter.

Using CAD software, he designed the mount and then cut the various parts from sheet metal.

These components needed welding, bending and screwing together, in order to ensure the jet engine was securely in place.

Next up, the YouTuber designed and fabricated the fuel tanks using two equal lengths of 3-inch aluminimum pipe, which he then welded end caps to in order to hold the fuel. 

The fuel tanks were then mounted either side of the footplate of the scooter, the latter he even spray painted his name on. 

After hooking up the fuel system and electronics, it was finally time to fire the jet-powered scooter up.

With his gloves on, and a camera strapped to his cap, he was ready to capture the action on a couple of test runs.

See just how fast the jet-powered scooter went in the video below!



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