This is what happens when you build a jet-powered go-kart

It takes a special kind of person – usually crazy – to swap out a diesel engine and replace it with a large RC jet engine, creating a jet-powered go-kart.

by | Published on 14th May 2023

If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you strapped a large RC jet engine to a go-kart, wonder no more.

Someone has actually gone and done it, and they’ve documented the whole thing in a video.

As you’d expect, the results are nothing short of spectacular.

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Much like us all, YouTuber Warped Perception gained a few pounds during lockdown.

In a bid to beat boredom, he dediced he’d set himself the challenge of building a jet-powered go-kart.

Not a bad idea, to be fair.

So, he got to work removing the diesel engine, fuel tank and battery from the go-kart.

Once it was stripped down, he then used some form of chemical to remove the paint from the black fuel tank.

It was at this point he jet washed the go-kart and removed the chain which would usually drive the diesel engine.

Next up, he sketched out a rough drawing of a mount for the jet engine before using CAD to finalise the design.

With the mount pieces cut out of metal, he then began putting them all together, which he then fitted to the back of the go-kart.

Once in place, it was just a case of screwing the jet engine to the mount and welding it so it was securely in place.

He then attached the fuel lines, a controller, battery, ECU, receiver, and telemetry to the frame of the go-kart, with a GPS also strapped to the steering wheel.

If you’re wondering why he needs a GPS, he says in the video that it’s to monitor speed and distance.

With the jet-powered go-kart now complete, it was finally time to take it out for its first test drive.

After pouring two gallons of Hydro Jet-A mixed with oil into the tank, he fired up the jet engine which roared to life.

Helmet on and strapped in ready to go, he then took the jet-powered go-kart around an empty parking lot.

The results were nothing short of specular – see for yourself in the video!



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