This RC airplane costs more than the average luxury sedan

Nobody said it was a cheap hobby, but flying an RC airplane like this L-39C XXXL super jet would probably make us sweat.

by | Published on 11th May 2023

It’s true what they say, money can’t buy everything.

The truth of the matter is, though, it can buy some pretty cool stuff.

This RC airplane is the perfect example.

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It’s an L-39C XXXL super jet which is an exact replica of the Aero L-39 Albatros.

In case you’re not an aviation geek, that’s a high-performance jet trainer aircraft that was developed in Czechoslovakia.

The Albatros is the most widely-used jet trainer in the world due to its versatility.

Not only does it see duty in basic and advanced pilot training, it’s often involved in light-attack missions, too. 

And just like the real thing, the RC airplane is a versatile piece of kit.

A video posted to YouTube by FPVicious shows the L-39C XXXL super jet in action and we won’t lie – we’d love to give it a try.

That being said, it can’t be easy to fly, even though owner Mario Walter makes it look like it is.

In the footage captured at Jet Meeting Slovenia 2020, Walter can be seen performing a number of manoevers with his beloved RC airplane.

After powering it up, the Austrian pilot taxis the RC airplane to the runway ready for takeoff.

Just like a real fighter jet, the RC airplane’s Jetcat P550 turbine engine can be heard as it hurtles up the runway and lifts off the tarmac.

Once in the air, the RC airplane performs several acrobatic moves, like barrel rolls and fly-bys, with a white stream of smoke following behind.

At one point, the RC airplane climbs vertically into the air while performing its own firework show as it shoots flares.

With the sun setting, Walter decides it’s time to head back to base and, with one final sharp turn, the RC airplane is lined up and ready to touch down on the runway.

So, how much would such an RC airplane set you back?

According to the video, Walter has spent in the region of $70,000 on his hobby.

But for that he’s got a 1:2.7 scale fiberglass and carbon composite model, with a wingspan of 3.5 meters (138”), weighing 70kg (155lbs).

An expensive hobby but worth it, as flying an RC airplane is no doubt exciting, exhilarating, and highly addictive.

Check out the video for yourself!



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