This limited-edition Apple iPhone is literally made out of a… Tesla

Would you spend over $6k for a smartphone made from recycled Tesla parts? What if it featured a portrait of Elon Musk himself?

by | Published on 14th Mar 2022

This iPhone is not only inspired by Tesla, it’s made from recycled parts of a Model 3.

The company responsible for the ‘Tesla Electro’ has ditched the original glass construction and replaced the rear panel with a custom made titanium and metal body from the Model 3.

The recycled panel is engraved with the Tesla logo and a silhouette portrait of Elon Musk himself.

It’s crazy, and you’d have to be crazy-rich to be able to afford one because the Caviar Tesla Electro iPhone 13 Pro starts at $6,760, while the 13 Pro Max starts at $7,300.

Both are limited to 99 pieces only.

And if you really, really love Musk and Tesla, Caviar is also selling a bust of Musk for $3,220. Priceless.



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