Footage shows fight breaking out as woman tries to save a parking spot – but who is in the wrong? 

Published on Sep 21, 2022 at 11:37 AM (UTC+4)
by Kate Bain

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Footage shows fight breaking out as woman tries to save a parking spot – but who is in the wrong? 

Footage has emerged of a woman attempting to reserve a parking space for her husband by standing in the way of another driver. 

In the viral video, which was shared on TikTok, the woman gets into a heated argument with the driver, accusing him of almost hitting her with his car. 

The altercation has caused quite a stir online, prompting the question: who is in the wrong? 

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In the video, which was secretly filmed by a passenger in a nearby car, the woman stands in the center of the parking spot and refuses to move when another driver pulls in to the spot. 

“Hold on, hold on, back away please,” she says. 

“Sorry, I can’t hear you, drive on please.”


She tells the driver she’s waiting for her husband and that “he’s just driving around now”. 

When she tells the driver “there are plenty of other spaces available”, he replies insisting there are actually no other spaces available. 

The pair reach a standstill with neither backing down.

When the driver inches closer into the parking space, she says “you almost hit me then”. 

TikTok fight

She even warns the driver that he’ll face some sort of consequence when her husband finally arrives, saying “I don’t want to tell him about this because he won’t be very happy”. 

The altercation finally ends when the driver concedes, saying “we’ll drive another three miles to find another spot”. 

To that, she replies “good, find another spot then and have a nice day”. 

The video, posted by Dodgy Drivers, has prompted thousands of viewers to weigh in, saying she had no right to reserve the spot. 

“This is one of my ultimate pet hates. It should be illegal,” one woman said about the TikTok fight. 

“Nobody can keep a parking space for someone by standing in it, how embarrassing for her,” another said. 

Some argued the driver gave in too quickly by conceding the spot after just three minutes. 

“I would cancel my plans for the whole day to wait until she moved,” one said, while another said “my stubbornness would never allow me to just drive away, never, I’d sleep there first”. 

One woman took a different approach, saying she would fight fire with fire. 

“I’d be far too tempted to get out and stand there with her and when the husband turns up just stand there like ‘yeah find another space’,” she said.

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