Watch the unbelievable moment a tornado flips a Chevy truck before blowing it right side up again

The crazy footage shows a Chevy truck being flipped on its side, spun around, and then blown right side up again. It then shows the driver miraculously getting away.

by | Published on 6th Mar 2023

This is the unbelievable moment a tornado flips a truck before the driver miraculously gets away unscathed. 

The video, taken in Texas, US, catches the exact moment the powerful tornado rips through the city of Elgin, tearing up everything in its path.

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The crazy footage, taken by a high-quality drone following the storm, shows the truck being flipped on its side, spun around, and then blown right side up again. 

Seconds later, the driver somehow manages to take control of the truck again and drive away. 

All the while, massive pieces of debris including road signs are being thrown around in every direction.

The footage has unsurprisingly gone viral, with people shocked by what they saw.

“I’m so glad this was caught on camera. No one would’ve ever believed this,” one viewer said. 

“Unreal. This looks like an action scene out of a movie,” another said. 

“My teeth clenched, eyes hardened, and back stiffened just watching it. This is by far the best footage I have ever seen,” said a third.

One viewer celebrated the fact the driver escaped without injury and joked that the video “gives a whole new meaning to ‘taking the truck for a spin’”. 

Others said the footage should be used to advertise the durability of the truck and we don’t disagree.

“Chevrolet should use this for a commercial. The fact the truck survived a tornado and could still work while keeping the occupants safe speaks volumes for the build quality,” another said.

You can watch the unbelievable footage here!

The tornado tore through the town of Elgin, Texas, in March last year. 

The storm didn’t just wreak havoc on the roads, but destroyed 19 homes and damaged another 100.

Three people sustained minor injuries but no lives were lost.



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