There is a town full of flying cars being established in China with 100 XPeng ordered

  • A city in China is set to become a totally unique tourist hotspot
  • The Jiangmen Low-Altitude Tourism Town project has ordered 100 XPeng vehicles already
  • The cost of the cars alone is staggering

Published on Jun 04, 2024 at 7:26 PM (UTC+4)
by Andie Reeves

Last updated on Jun 05, 2024 at 9:20 PM (UTC+4)
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China is building a town where flying cars will rule the streets, or should we say the skies?

Jiangmen is a city in southern China and is not currently a major tourist hotspot.

But this could change as plans to launch a huge fleet of flying cars there are underway.

Orders have already been placed for 100 cars from the leaders of the flying automotive industry.

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Chinese company Xpeng has plans to make flying cars a reality for everyone.

It’s tackling the challenges and obstacles associated with flying vehicles head-on, aiming to have its range of eVTOLs available as soon as 2025.

The X2, the world’s first flying car, has already been spotted flying over a city in China.

Another vehicle in its fleet is the Land Aircraft Carrier, which looks like a Cybertruck with a mini helicopter attached to it.

According to reports, 100 of these have been ordered for the Jiangmen Low-Altitude Tourism Town project.

This will become a tourist destination that will feature low-altitude attractions such as aerial tours or flying car hire.

There will be flying car displays and maintenance solutions, flight simulators, educational tours, and pilot training.

It will revolutionize the tourism world, providing completely unique ways to entertain and draw in crowds.

The Land Aircraft Carriers that will service the town are multi-talented and able to both drive and fly.

The vehicle is divided into two parts: one for land and one for air.

The land section is a six-wheeler EV, with a steel finish and aggressive profile that give it a resemblance to the Cybertruck.

In its trunk is the Air Module, an eVTOL that can seat two people comfortably.

It takes off vertically from the back of the car, allowing the owner to easily transition from driver to pilot.

The vehicle is currently undergoing the certification process needed before it can go into production.

Considering the car’s price, let’s hope this tourism idea takes off.

Just one is set to cost $140,500, and 100 have already been paid for.

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