We built an underwater delivery car for the ultimate Deliveroo experience

It took a while but we finally got it done, we created an underwater delivery car to give one lucky customer the ultimate food delivery experience.

by | Published on 16th May 2023

We’re all used to seeing the typical delivery bikes when receiving orders but we decided to change it up with Deliveroo by creating the world’s most memorable food delivery experience.

In order to do that, we built the world’s first underwater delivery car.

Supercar Blondie’s Alex Hirschi and Sergi Galiano were tasked with the delivery.

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The underwater Deliveroo car took about three years to build.

First, we bought a beat up Volkswagen Beetle with 220,000 km (136k mi) on the clock.

It looked okay-ish, but the truth is we chose the Beetle mainly because of its oval shape, sort of like an aquarium.

How it started (left), how it’s going (right)

The idea was to strip down the car to its bare components, waterproof the interior and add a submarine-style window on the doors.

All the wires and the CPU were moved to the front, and all the switches, including the ignition key, were moved to the front.

To top it all off, two massive oxygen tanks were mounted on the tailgate.

After that, the suspension were beefed up, and the car was fitted with chunkier tires.

The cabin is now completely waterproof and only consists of a steering wheel, the pedals, a gear shift and a speedo.

With our underwater delivery vehicle ready, we teamed up with Deliveroo for the ultimate food delivery experience.

After the car was ready, Alex and Sergi set out on a mission.

They headed to the Dubai Financial District, where one lucky customer got a customized sushi delivery.

Unsurprisingly, onlookers were left a bit puzzled but then again this is Dubai.

A VW Beetle filled with water being used as a Deliveroo vehicle is just another Tuesday, isn’t it?



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