Cars with no wheels and granite trim, what are the world’s craziest car features?

From Tesla's hidden Easter Eggs to Rolls-Royce's luxury clocks and door umbrellas, find out more about these unusual car features with our quiz.

by | Published on 12th May 2023

Did you know that at least two automakers have actually tried making a car with no steering wheel?

And did you know there’s a luxury car brand that allows you to select granite trim?

From Tesla’s hidden Easter Eggs to Rolls-Royce’s luxury clocks and door umbrellas, find out more about these unusual car features with our quiz.

#1. What car does NOT have a crab walk feature?

The Hummer, the Ioniq and the Cybertruck all have different versions of the ‘crab-walk’ feature, a system that allows the car to drive sideways.

The Mustang doesn’t (for now).

#2. What can you find inside the door of a Rolls-Royce?

Like other luxury brands, every Rolls-Royce incorporates two umbrellas (one for each door) into the door.

You can also purchase them separately if you wish, at $700 a pop.


#3. What does Tesla Model X's 'Celebration Mode' do?

#4. What's so unique about the pedals in the VW ID Buzz?

Hit ‘pause‘ (brake pedal) to brake, or hit ‘play‘ (throttle) to accelerate.

A quirky and fun addition, so simple and yet no one had ever thought of it.

#5. One of these trim options is actually available on certain Mercedes models

Yep, Mercedes is actually offering granite trim as part of its exclusive ‘Designo’ customization program

#6. These automakers have tried making cars with NO steering wheel

Saab and Mercedes-Benz both tried making cars with no steering wheel.

Both were just concept cars and never made it to production



Excellent job.

You’re definitely an expert in Easter Eggs and unusual features.

Not bad but not great either, but the good news is you can always go over the answers and have a go again.

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