The new Urwerk ‘Back to Black’ is pricier than a Porsche 911

A fitting 'sequel' to the Aggregat Odissée, the new Urwerk Back to Black is here with a crazy face and a mind-blowing price tag.

by | Published on 12th Feb 2023

This is the new Urwerk Back to Black, an ultra-sophisticated timepiece that costs more than a new Porsche 911.

And it has a cool name, too, because ‘Back to Black’ is its official designation, not just a moniker.

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The new Back to Black is made from a combination of stainless steel and titanium, and it is covered with protective layers of DLC coating.

Being the latest addition the UR-112 Aggregat collection, the watch features Urwerk’s iconic trapezoidal case.

The face is unusual because it hides a so-called ‘jump hour’ complication under two car hood-like apertures.

This is how it works: the watch uses rotating discs with digits for the hour and minutes.

As the name suggests, every 60 minutes, the disc instantly ‘jumps’ to the next hour.

It’a chunky watch, with a case measuring 42 mm in width x 51 mm in length – and it’s quite thick as well, coming in at 16 mm.

However, while it may not be subtle or small, it actually wears great thanks to the way the lugs taper around the wrist.

On the subject of lugs, they’re integrated into the case via a titanium ‘bridge’ that connects them to the watch.

Unfortunately for strap collectors, this means you can only use Urwerk-approved straps and bands for this watch.

The one the timepiece comes with is made from rubber.

Urwerk Back to Black pricing and availability

Production is limited to 25 pieces, priced at CHF 280,000.

For reference, that’s around €302,000 at today’s rate.



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