The latest Urwerk is a $100k tribute to Star Trek’s Spock

And it features an unconventional way to tell time.

by | Published on 6th Oct 2022

This is the latest Urwerk timepiece and it is a tribute to Star Trek’s Spock.

Specifically, it is designed to resemble Spock’s Vulcan salute.

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Officially known as the ‘UR-120’, the Urwerk Spock features the company’s signature satellite time display which consists of rotating carousels, each of which is connected to an arm.


Two of the arms are connected to a rotating hour and minute numeral respectively.

Meanwhile, the third arm simply consists of an arrow and it rotates around the dial as each second passes.

As for the other two, the first moves on a 60-minute scale to display the minutes, and every 60 minutes the other arm moves to display the hour.

As each hour or minute passes, the arm opens up in a way that resembles Spock’s ‘Vulcan’ Salute from Star Trek before completing a rotation.

It’s unconventional and unorthodox, and it certainly doesn’t make it any easier to tell time, but it is a spectacular display of engineering prowess.

It’s also an incredible work of art.

Just like any other Urwerk timepiece, the UR-120 isn’t cheap.

It has a retail price of 100,000 Swiss Francs, equivalent to around 101,000 US Dollars.

About Urwerk

Founded in Switzerland in 1997, Urwerk is an independent watch brand that defies conventions.

None of its watches look ‘normal’ and that’s what the brand is famous for.

More to the point, it is the reason why collectors and celebrities love it.

Robert Downey Jr. and Michael Jordan, among others, are fans of the brand.

Urwerk watches are quite expensive to begin with and they usually retain their value in the pre-owned market, with prices ranging between $40,000 and $165,000.



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