These car brands should get together on Valentine’s Day

From the Alfa-Nissan Arna to a potential Cadillac-Tesla partnership, we want these 'car love stories' to happen.

by | Published on 14th Feb 2023

These days the car world basically consists of a few large automotive groups that control multiple brands.

So the question is, why aren’t we seeing car collabs anymore?

From the sequel to the original Alfa-Nissan Arna to a potential Cadillac-Tesla partnership, let’s have a look at some potential ‘car love stories’ that we’d like to see this Valentine’s day.

A new Alfa Romeo – Nissan

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We’re kicking it off with an unusual collab that actually happened: the Alfa-Nissan Arna.

When it was first announced, everyone was excited because it meant putting together Japanese reliability with Italian styling.


Unfortunately, they actually did it the other way around: Nissan did the styling and Alfa built the car.

The result was a bit underwhelming and that’s why we think Alfa and Nissan should have another go.

What we want, what we need, is this: a car that looks like the Alfa Brera and is powered by the powertrain from the Nissan Skyline.

Is it too much to ask?

Lamborghini and Bugatti

Lamborghini and Bugatti are technically part of the same group (VW) and they both create cars that go like stink and look crazy.

The way we see it, there are two ways to go about it.

They could either create a Lambo-based supercar with Bugatti-style luxury features, or a supercar that looks like a Lambo but goes like a Bugatti Chiron.

We wouldn’t complain either way.

A Valentine’s Day love story: Subaru and Mazda

This would be a dream collab because it would unite two brands that proper gearheads love: Mazda and Subaru.

Imagine being able to combine the powertrain and iconic headlamps from a Subaru Impreza with a convertible Mazda Miata.

The only question is what would you call it?

Subazda? Mazdaru? How about Subarazda Impreza MX-5?

There you go, sorted.

A Valentine’s love story: Day Tesla and Cadillac

Cadillac recently came up with a new naming scheme for its cars whereby the name always ends with the letter ‘Q’.

It started with the Cadillac Liriq and now we’ve got the Cadillac Celestiq.

How about a potential Cadillac Cibertruq.

Tesla is always in the spotlight, for one reason or another, and is often criticized for the quality of the build, inside and outside.

A potential collab between Tesla and Cadillac would fix that problem.

Tesla could make the electric powertrain and provide charging points, Cadillac would do the build and styling.




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