Hennessey just unveiled the Venom F5 Revolution Coupe

Hennessey claims that the Venom F5 Revolution Coupe is the most powerful and visceral pure-combustion hypercar in the world.

by | Published on 9th Jan 2023

Texas-based hypercar manufacturer Hennessey just unveiled the Venom F5 Revolution Coupe.

It’s said to be a new, lighter-weight, track-focused version of the Hennessey Venom F5.

It’s also claimed to be the most powerful and visceral pure-combustion hypercar in the world.

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The Venom F5 Revolution is based on the Hennessey Venom F5, with the two sharing nearly identical DNA.

What distinguishes the Revolution Coupe from its sibling are its comprehensively reworked aerodynamics, suspension, engine cooling, and digital telemetry.


Hennessey‘s engineering team focused on reducing mass, too.

With a systematic focus one weight reduction, the race-honed model tips the scales below 3,000 pounds, making it the lightest Venom F5 model.

Mirroring all other F5 Venom models, mid-mounted in the carbon-fiber monocoque chassis is Hennessey’s celebrated twin-turbocharged 6.6-liter ‘Fury’ V8 engine.

Rated at an astonishing 1,817 bhp, power is sent to the rear wheels through an automated single-clutch gearbox calibrated for competitive use.

With such low mass, the Venom F5 Revolution Coupe’s acceleration will be like a rocket.

Carbon-ceramic brakes are fitted as standard and feature multi-piston calipers for fade-free stopping power on the road or circuit.

Track-focused enhancements

Most visible to those checking out the Revolution Coupe is its full-width rear-mounted carbon fiber wing.

The adjustable appendage is fitted with end plates that stop the high-pressure air on top of the wing from spilling underneath.

This increases downforce without extending the width of the wing.

The end plates also generate vortexes that guide airflow and improve aerodynamics and stability.

As a result, the rear wing delivers more than 800 pounds of downforce at 186 mph (300 km/h) and over 1,400 pounds of downforce at 249 mph (400 km/h).

A significantly larger carbon fiber front splitter complements the rear-mounted wing and rear diffuser.

The front splitter prevents air from flowing under the F5 Revolution Coupe, which created a low-pressure vortex beneath the vehicle.

At the same time, the extended rear diffuser guides are out from the hypercard’s smooth underbelly.

Dive planes, positioned on the front fascia in front of the wheels aggressively channel airflow to shift the aerodynamic balance forward.

In addition, the Revolution features a new roof-mounted central air scoop that delivers fresh cool air to the F5’s engine bay, which effectively helps lower component temperatures.

The double-wishbone suspension, with more aggressive alignment settings, is fitted witha adjustable dampers.

In addition, new forged alloy wheels present a larger contact patch for improved cornering grip and enhanced braking.

Lastly, Venom F5 Revolution Coupe owners are offered a digital on-board track telemetry system capable of measuring an array of data points.

These include lap times, splits, m cornering G-forces, and more,.

The system allows the driver to monitor the telemetry in real-time, or the data may be saved for later analysis or archiving.

Venom F5 Revolution Coupe price

The new Venom F5 Revolution Coupe will make its global public debit at the Miami Motorcar Cavalcade Concours d’Elegance on January 15.

The Venom F5 Revolution Coupe is priced at $2.7 million and limited to just 24 units.

In advance of the official release, many of the Revolution models have already been sold to passionate hypercar fans.



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