Viral videos: 5 of the most brilliant and downright crazy backyard inventions

From homemade jet packs to flying beds and homemade Bugattis, these videos highlight some of the best backyard inventions and builds across the globe.

by | Published on 3rd Mar 2022

The world celebrates when the latest supercar or iPhone is released, but what about the lesser-known inventions created by mom and dad entrepreneurs? 

Sometimes the most outrageous and impressive builds are put together in backyard garages and they don’t get the kudos they deserve. 

So, we put together a list of some of the most brilliant, and downright crazy inventions and builds across the globe.

1. Homemade Jet Pack

This English dad wanted to fly so badly that he made his very own jet pack.

Designed and built by Richard Browning, the jet pack makes 1200 horsepower, which is as powerful as a Bugatti Veyron.

It’s made up of five jet engines which allow him to fly up to 85 MPH.

This dad even made it into the Guinness World Record book with his invention.

2. The Flying Bed

Coming in at number two, is the flying bed built by Turkish Paraglider Hasan Kavil.

Using furniture from his home, the build took a month from start to finish. And he built it for no other reason than to fullfull his childhood dream.

After flying the bed over his city successfuly, Kavil didn’t stop there. He went on to make a flying sofa too.

Who needs a plane when you’ve got household furniture?!

3. Homemade Bugatti Build

Desperately want a Bugatti but can’t afford the $1.7 million starting price?

Well this guy did something about it.

Working from his backyard shed in Vietnam, he built his very own Bugatti Chiron from scratch.

Using sticky tape, clay, fiber glass and an old Toyota Corolla engine, his creation is almost a spitting image of the real thing.

And the build process is arguably more impressive than the final result, but we’ll let you be the judge of that…

4. Steam-powered Trike

Making everything from scratch, including the wheels, this Brazilian inventor built a steam-powered trike so he didn’t have to rely on gas anymore.

He used some parts from an old Volkswagen, others from an old Honda moped, and the rest of the materials , he found in his garage.

It’s certainly not as quiet as a Tesla, but it can get you to the shops and back with just water and wood.

5. Tiny Wooden V8 Engine Build

This is a fully functional scale V8 engine made out of nothing but wood.

It has realistic ackerman rack and pinion steering, a hydraulic clutch, a working odometer and is powered by an electric motor from a cordless drill.

And the best part? It was created by a highschool kid. Unreal!



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