The new Volkswagen ID.7 is here with the coolest paint ever

The new Volkswagen ID.7 is here with a record-breaking range and a wonderful 'Digital Camouflage' paint.

by | Published on 4th Jan 2023

Volkswagen has just released a brand new juicy addition to its EV line-up.

It’s called the ID.7 and it’s loosely based on the ID Aero Concept that VW unveiled last year.

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Despite the number ‘seven’ in the name, this is actually Volkswagen’s sixth electric vehicle.

More importantly, this is the company’s first electric sedan because the other five vehicles are SUVs.


According to Volkswagen, the ID.7 is capable of covering up to 435 miles on a ‘tank’ of energy.

This means the ID.7 can cover more distance than the Tesla Model 3, its nearest rival.

For reference, the Long Range Model 3 can do 358 miles on a charge.

VW opted for a striking electroluminescent paint to unveil the car to the public at CES.

This unique design was achieved using over 40 layers of paint – Volkswagen calls it ‘Digital Camouflage’.

What makes it even more interesting is the fact that the driver can ‘interact’ with the paint.

There are 22 areas of the car’s paint that can be lit up on demand.

The interior was overhauled following customers’ feedback following the ID.3 and ID.4.

The dashboard was redesigned and it now features a tablet-like 15-inch display.

Moreover, several physical components – the air vents, for example – can be controlled and activated digitally.

Volkswagen plans to launch the ID.7 in China, Europe and North America.

Pricing is yet to be announced but it is presumably going to be somewhere north of $50,000.

This would make it slightly more expensive than its ‘little brother’, the ID.5, and around the same price as a Tesla Model 3.



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