The colossal sum David Beckham has spent on wife Victoria’s 15 wedding rings will leave you astonished

Her most expensive rings are worth £4 million, each.

Published on Oct 12, 2023 at 1:36PM (UTC+4)

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The colossal sum David Beckham has spent on wife Victorias 15 wedding rings will leave you astonished

The new Netflix docuseries about David Beckham is offering us an all-new look inside the footballer’s life.

Besides his rise to sporting fame, the series shares intimate details about his relationship with his wife, Victoria.

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The couple is still very much in love, seen dancing together and poking fun at each other.

Like the moment Victoria tried to cover up the fact that her dad used to drop her at school in a Rolls-Royce.

But there was another big, expensive fact they tried to leave out.

Victoria’s incredible collection of engagement rings.

All 15 of them.

The couple has been together for more than 26 years.

Normal couples will have one engagement ring and one wedding ring in their lifetime.

But the Beckhams are not a normal couple.

David has given Victoria a whopping 15 rings over the years.

Most of the rings are valued at over £1 million.

When he proposed in 1998, Victoria was part of the world’s most successful girl band, the Spice Girls.

He knew he had to really splash out to impress her.

Victoria’s engagement ring was an eye-catching three-carat marquise-cut diamond on a yellow gold band.

The sparkly number cost him £69,000 but is valued at around £299,563 today.

A small price to pay to dazzle who would prove to be the love of his life.

After they were married she swapped it out for a more pared-back piece.

That being a platinum band completely covered with diamonds, worth over £14,000.

After 18 months David treated her to yet another new band.

This was her first emerald-cut ring, a design she would go on to favor for gifts to come.

With a six-carat diamond at its center and set on a platinum band, the piece was worth an eye-watering £2.3 million

The following year was Victoria’s 30th birthday, and what would a special occasion be without a brand-new rock to celebrate?

David chose a pink champagne diamond for her, spending about £1.8 million on the piece.

Currently, Victoria’s jewellery box is an impressive array of diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies.

She also has a rare moonstone in her collection.

David gifted it to her in 2015, setting it in a diamond-encrusted platinum band.

To find a moonstone that size is rare, and the piece is worth £4 million.

The largest ring in her collection features a massive sapphire.

“Victoria Beckham has the most exquisite collection of engagement rings I have yet to see,” Maxwell Stone, a diamond expert at Steven Stone says.

“Her oval-cut sapphire on a platinum pave band is a magnificent piece of jewellery, with a 15 to 20 carat stone.”

“Today, I would value this ring at around £5 million.”

In total, it’s estimated that David has spent more than £32 million on Victoria’s rings alone.

In 2018 Victoria received her 15th engagement ring.

The square-cut 12-carat yellow diamond set David back about £2.5 million.

But with a net worth of £425 million, that’s a drop in the ocean for Becks.

The pair regularly post public declarations of their love on Instagram, showing no signs of cooling down their romance.

It’s safe to say Victoria’s collection probably won’t be capped at 15 rings.

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