When the first DeLorean in 40 years, the Alpha5, is expected to be released

  • The DeLorean featured in the Back to the Future movie franchise
  • The DeLorean DMC was produced between 1981 and 1982
  • A new version – Alpha5 – is set to go into production this year

Published on Jun 06, 2024 at 11:39 AM (UTC+4)
by Claire Reid

Last updated on Jun 11, 2024 at 11:42 AM (UTC+4)
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Strap yourselves in, sci-fi fans, because the DeLorean is making a comeback – with an incredible new look – and it is set to go into production later this year. 

The DeLorean DMC-12 is best known as the time machine from the Back to the Future movie franchise. 

And – like many Hollywood classics – it’s getting a reboot with the arrival of the Alpha5, which is scheduled to go into production in the latter half of this year. 

The fully-electric Alpha5 will boast a more modern look than its predecessor, but will still feature the famous gull-wing doors, which – when opened – have light panels on the front and back that continue down onto the bumper.

I mean, let’s be honest, it looks very cool, doesn’t it?

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How fast does the DeLorean Alpha5 go?

In terms of specs, the new model will go from 0 to 60 mph in 2.99 seconds; from 0 to 88 mph in 4.35 seconds; and will have a top speed of 155 mph.

Maybe not quite fast enough to travel through time like Marty and the Doc, but still pretty nippy. 

Set to be released 40 years after the original, the Alpha5 is powered by a 100 kWh battery and has a range of 300 miles.

It also has some interesting new features inside, including a smartwatch-like band that monitors pulse and temperature, and can create virtual hugs – and who doesn’t want that from a car?

The DeLorean website explains: “Designed with purpose. DeLorean has confidence and a compelling presence.

“We will continue to apply our rebellious DNA to shape our vehicles and constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible. 

“We are writing our legacy in real-time. Instinctively adapting to the future with a heightened curated experience.

“Rooted in counterculture we confidently embrace the unexpected.”

When will the Alpha5 be released?

The first concept car was revealed in 2022, with the company revealing that just 9,531 of the Alpha5 could be made, which – in a cute nod to DeLorean’s history – is just one more than DMC.

As yet, it’s not 100 percent certain when the cars will start rolling off the production line but the car Alpha5 was originally touted to be released later this year – but reservations are open if you fancy getting your hands on one.

And, if you want to see a bit more of what the Alpha5 is like, check out what Supercar Blondie herself, Alex Hirshi, thought of it.

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