This rock-shaped wood cabin allows you to live in the woods in comfort

Published on Aug 29, 2022 at 10:53 AM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

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This rock-shaped wood cabin allows you to live in the woods in comfort

This stylish rock-shaped wood cabin allows you to live in the middle of the woods with the same level of comfort you’d enjoy in a city apartment.

It’s impossibly small but it has everything you need, including a terrace and even a sauna.

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Hello Wood, the company that came up with the idea, decided to create something unique to combine nature and comfort.

It built six identical wood cabins in the Balaton Uplands in rural Hungary and turned the five-acre area into a resort.


Officially dubbed ‘Rock on the High Plains‘, the resort wants to bring back attention and tourism to the area, in a place that’s far from the large cities but closer to nature.

After all, Lake Balaton is Hungary’s largest lake, with a shoreline of over 120 miles.

Each cabin was designed to look like a rock in harmony with the surrounding environment.

Wood cabin

Every feature of these studios serves a specific function.

Inside each ‘rock’, you will find a bed, a kitchen, a bathroom with a double shower and a panoramic sauna.

In addition to that, there’s a small but cosy terrace with a hot tub.

In order to construct the cabins, the company used almost exclusively wood, including for the hardwood floor and all four walls of the studio.

The only exception is the bathroom where you have plaster walls.

The view around the resort is incredibly scenic, with rolling hills and farmland.

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