Vietnamese dad builds incredible wooden train for the kids in his village

This Vietnamese dad has built some incredible concept cars, but now he's taking it a step further and attempting to build a wooden train for children to ride around his village.

by | Published on 14th Mar 2023

This man’s talent knows no bounds.

He’s already built several concept cars and a tank out of scrap metal and discarded wood.

Now he’s building a wooden train for the children in his village.

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We’re talking about Dao Truong Van – a Vietnamese man who builds the most amazing creations.

It’s obvious Mr Dao is incredibly talented, as he’s able to build these replicas from wood in a matter of months.

His latest creation took just two months to build which is a feat in itself.

In the video, Mr Dao starts by making the train’s wheels from wood with a motor attached to the axle.

He then fabricates the frame of the train and its carriages from metal.

Next up, he constructs the locomotive’s “boiler” from old oil drums before building its “smokebox” from wood.

After being spray painted black, the train’s metal frame is then covered with plywood and other carefully-carved pieces of wood.

The intricate level of detail here is truly remarkable, with the train even getting a “smokestack” and three “regulators”.

On a real steam locomotive, the regulator controls the steam flow to the cylinders.

Mr Dao then turned his attention to the train’s carriages which were also boxed-off using plywood.

One of the carriages is entirely enclosed, which the little passengers are able to enter through a door.

The carriage even has windows, so the little passengers can look out during their journey.

Once the carriages were finished, a layer of varnish was applied to the train to protect the wood.

Before the train could go on its first outing, battery packs were added to supply power to the motors.

Unlike the real thing, Mr Dao’s train carries its passengers on the road rather than on tracks, hence the steering wheel.

One look at the smiles he puts on the kids’ faces, and you have to admit it’s a huge success.



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