This woman commutes to and from work by PLANE because it’s cheaper than renting

Sophia Celentano wakes up at 4am to get to the airport before the sun rises. She says it's the best financial decision she's ever made.

by | Published on 4th Jul 2023

If you thought your commute to and from work was a nightmare, brace yourself for this. 

Sophia Celentano wakes up at 4am to get to the airport before the sun rises and flies from South Carolina to New Jersey for work. 

And she swears by it, saying it’s the best financial decision she’s ever made.

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Documenting her crazy commute on TikTok, Sophia said she wakes at 4am and is out the door by 4.30am. 

She gets to the airport at 5am and is through security just five minutes later, thanks to TSA PreCheck. 

Once she’s through security, she treats herself to a coffee and boards the plane. 

And because her flight is so early, she says the plane is almost always empty, so she can spread out and make herself super comfortable. 

To save time, she also does her makeup in the air.

“A lot of you suggested that I start doing this on the plane instead of before I leave so I can sleep in a little bit more, which was a huge game changer,” she said.

When she lands, Sophia gets a 45-minute Uber to the office and is at her desk by 9am in time for work. 

Then come 5pm, she does it all over again, Ubering to the airport and jumping on a flight back home. 

She usually arrives back home shortly before 11, so easily gets an eight-hour sleep before she needs to start work again in the morning.

Sophia admits the commute isn’t for everyone, but says it suits her perfectly because her job only requires her to be in the office one day a week. 

The rest of the week, she works remotely from her home in South Carolina. 

The young businesswoman says the commute is saving her a ton of money because she doesn’t have to pay crazy high rent in New Jersey or New York near her work. 



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