Watch this YouTuber turn his trash can into a record-breaking speed demon

This YouTuber just broke the record for the world's fastest trash can. All it takes is a Honda engine, a bicycle wheel, and some serious courage.

by | Published on 1st May 2023

This guy just built the world’s fastest trash can. 

Yep, YouTuber Chris Rollins turned his backyard rubbish bin into a three-wheeled, motorized speed demon. 

“This is my trash can, it’s strong, dependable, and ergonomic, but it’s slow and I don’t like slow things, so today I want to make it fast,” he said.

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Before he gets started, Rollins has three criteria he wants to meet. 

1 – It needs to be safe to drive 

2 – It still has to function as a trash can when he’s done with it 

3 – It has to be the fastest trash can on earth

“If you haven’t looked at a trash can in a minute, they’re not known for being aerodynamic,” he said.

“So how do we get one to go fast and punch through the air without chopping up the body and making a bunch of aerodynamic changes? 

“The only solution I could think of is double-digit horsepower.”

So, Rollins takes a pull-start, 12-horsepower Honda engine and put it inside his big green trash bin. 

But that’s just the beginning, there’s a lot more that goes into it.

“Two-wheel steering is tricky, you’ve got to think about camber, caster, and alignment, there’s a lot to get right, which means there’s a lot that can go wrong,” he said. 

Rollins takes some inspiration from the world’s first car, a three-wheeled motor car created in Germany. 

“If it’s good enough for the Germans, it’s good enough for my trash,” he said. 

Using a bicycle wheel, he creates a three-wheeled contraption that turns out to work exceptionally well. 

And after five weeks of work, the motorized trash is ready to go.

Rollins and his mates take their creation to Redline Raceway in Caddo Mills Texas where they can officially record its speed. 

With Rollins inside the trash can, and only a narrow slit to peer out of, he pushes the homemade contraption to its limit. 

On the very first go, he reaches 62 miles per hour, blitzing the previous record of 43 mph. 

Yep, surprisingly enough, there was already an existing record for the world’s fastest trash can held by a man in England.

Not only does he smash the previous record, making it the fastest trash can in the world, he also hits all three of his criteria. 

The trash can even goes back to its former glory the very next day. 

You can watch all the action unfold here:



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