World’s first silent mask means you can hold full conversations in public without being heard

Silence speaks volumes.
  • This mask will allow users to have private conversations in public
  • It works by absorbing 80 percent of voice frequencies
  • It reduces sound by 25 decibels meaning others won’t overhear what you’re saying

Published on Mar 1, 2024 at 8:12PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Mar 4, 2024 at 6:11PM (UTC+4)

Edited by Adam Gray

Ever wanted to have a private conversation on a packed train? Now you can without bothering your fellow passengers with this silent mask.

The Skyted mask keeps noise in – so you can talk without being overheard.

It does this utilizing advanced aerospace technology and is engineered with an aerospace-sourced acoustic absorber.

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This material absorbs 80 percent of voice frequencies or vibrations, ensuring others cannot overhear you​​​​.

Demonstrated at CES 2024, it can reduce sound by 25 decibels.

It will allow users to speak clearly and confidently in quiet spaces, like libraries, without others listening around you.

It was founded in the aeronautical cradle of Toulouse in 2021 by former Asia Sales Manager for Airbus, Stéphane Hersen and his colleague, Frank Simon.

Simon is a renowned researcher in acoustics from the ONERA (French tech lab), who created a jet engine sound absorber called LEONAR.

It was born out of the lack of a solution to facilitate in-flight calls for 300 passengers without disturbing the cabin’s tranquility. 

Perfect when airlines are cramming more passengers into planes with double-decker seats.

Together, they integrated the jet engine sound absorber inside a mask. 

Skyted has invented a unique cutting-edge “silent, secure and inclusive communication solution: designed to address the diverse needs of various user groups.”

It provides privacy for silent and confidential calls, meetings and gaming.

It ensures privacy, uninterrupted communication, and enhanced learning and mission success.

Skyted’s mask development is largely supported by The French Aerospace Lab (Onera), Airbus and European Space Agency, allowing them to introduce inflight calls.

Skyted will launch their silent mask with two product lines: one for hybrid worker, gamers and travelers, and one for business travelers.

And it seems face-based tech is having a moment with people taking to the streets using Apple Vision Pros because the ‘future is here’.

POV video has revealed how the Apple Vision glasses work.

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