From Hollywood actors to elite athletes, these are the world’s highest-paid stars

From outrageous eight-figures fees for athletes to Spotify's most-streamed artists, find out more about the world's highest-paid stars with our quiz.

by | Published on 5th May 2023

Did you know that a world-famous boxer once received a $275 million payday for a fight that only lasted 28 minutes? Imagine that.

And did you know Tom Cruise took a pay cut to film Top Gun: Maverick… so that he could make more later earning a share of the film’s box office gross?

From the outrageous eight-figures fees that top-class boxers charge, to Spotify’s most-streamed artists, find out more about the world’s highest-paid stars with our quiz.

#1. Who's the world's highest-paid athlete?

Cristiano Ronaldo became the world’s highest-paid athlete after joining Al-Nassr FC in Saudi Arabia.

He made a whopping $136 million in 2023.

#2. How much did Tom Cruise make from Top Gun: Maverick?

Tom Cruise made $100 million from Top Gun: Maverick.

He accepted a lower fee upfront in exchange for a higher percentage of the movie’s first-dollar gross.


#3. Who's Hollywood's top-grossing lead actor?

If you’re a Hollywood producer and are looking for a top-notch star for a lead role, Scarlett Johansson is the answer.

On average, movies starring Johansson in a lead role bring home $440 million, making the 38-year-old actress Hollywood’s most bankable star.

#4. Who's the highest-paid boxer in history?

Floyd Mayweather is by far the biggest earner in boxing history.

Among other things, he holds the record for the biggest payday in the history of the sport.

In 2021, he made a whopping $275 million for a 28-minute fight against McGregor.

#5. Half-time show at Super Bowl: how much do musicians make?

Fun fact: halftime performers don’t actually get paid for their performance.

Per league policy, the NFL only covers production and travel costs but doesn’t actually produce any paycheck for performers.

#6. As of 2023, who's Spotify's top-earner?

As of May 2023, Canadian rapper Drake is the most-streamed artist of all time on Spotify with over 75 billion streams.

Spotify’s pay-per-stream rate varies a lot but, broadly speaking, the rapper makes anywhere between $35m and $55m per year on the platform.



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