World’s most advanced humanoid does an uncanny impression of Elon Musk

It's eerily accurate.

  • AI is constantly surprizing us with its abilities
  • And this humanoid robot is no exception
  • Listen to it do a number of celebrity impressions – will Elon musk arguably being the most accurate

Published on Mar 13, 2024 at 8:18PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Mar 18, 2024 at 1:29PM (UTC+4)

Edited by Alessandro Renesis

With the horizon of AI ever-expanding and shifting we are frequently surprized by the abilities of robots – and this humanoid doing an impression of Elon Musk is certainly no exception.

The robot was created by Engineered Arts, a UK-based company.

Their humanoid robots are used worldwide for “social interaction, communication and entertainment at public exhibitions and attractions”.

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Dubbed the ‘world’s most advanced’ robot, Ameca replicates a humanoid torso and glowing head.

One video uploaded to the firm’s YouTube channel shows the robot interacting with the world around it on several levels.

Not only can it respond to questions and accurately describe the room it’s sitting there – riffing on what it sees there – it can also do celebrity impersonations upon request.

And while we’ve definitely heard better impressionists, they’re pretty impressive.

Morgan Freeman is first before the developer asks Ameca to “talk about robot rocket ships blasting to Mars and discovering plutonium”.

“But do it in the voice of Elon Musk,” he adds.

The robot blinks and looks pensive for a second or two as its head glows purple.

Then it talks, as the developer looks up at the camera in amazement.

“In the voice of Elon Musk imagine if you will a fleet of robot rocket ships each one smarter than the last they blast off to Mars not just to explore but to discover Secrets hidden beneath its dusty red surface.

“What they find could change everything we know about life in the universe.”

Then for a bit of fun with the groundbreaking technology, as it’s asked to switch to the voice of Spongebob Squarepants.

The developer asks the humanoid robot to do “a long ranty speech in the style of Donald Trump but using SpongeBob’s voice.”

Still on the subject of space with with definite ‘Trumpisms’ it begins.

“We’re going to discover things, big things – and let me tell you, nobody loves Mars more than me. It’s true, we’re making space exploration great again.”

While Engineered Arts admits, Ameca is only the early stage of these sort of systems.

However, the hope is that it will become “a platform for human-robot interaction”, per their website.

While there’s s till a great deal of scripting and building required to make this AI humanoid function fully in the real world, it’s a glimpse into the future that none of us have seen before.

Other groundbreaking humanoids include this one from a Chinese company that has shattered the world speed record.

Elon Musk himself also posted an unbelievable video of the Tesla humanoid meticulously folding clothes.

And, if you’re interested in how humanoids can become part of our day-to-day, Amazon bas introduced two-meter tall humanoid robots to work in its warehouses.

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