This is what it’s like to spend a night in the world’s scariest hotel

The world's scariest hotel is ideal if you don't suffer with vertigo or acrophobia, as it's suspended 1,300 feet above a valley.

by | Published on 4th Jul 2023

There’s spending a night in a hotel in a sketchy part of town, and then there’s this.

A TikToker who goes by ‘Povs Adventures’ just spent the night in a hotel that dangles on the side of a cliff 1,300 feet in the air.

And he documented the whole experience too.

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Natura Vive’s three Skylodge Adventure suites are near the Peruvilan village of Cusco.

To get there, you have to strap on hiking boots, gloves and a helmet in order to climb a steel ladder up a 1,300-foot-tall rocky cliff face.

You’re attached to the cliff with only a safety rope.

There is an alternative to the ladder, though, which is a hike-and-zip-line route, which sounds only marginally less strenuous.

It takes a few hours to get up to Skylodge’s cozy pods, which are made of aluminum and polycarbonate, and measure 24 feet in length and eight feet in height and width.

According to the TikToker, he was the only guest staying at the world’s scariest hotel.

Before settling into his pod, his guide whipped up a five-course meal in the “restaurant”.

There’s no way to order room service, as servers would have a pretty tough time scaling the mountain.

After dining, Povs Adventures then climbed from the restaurant to his pod and dropped in.

He said it was really windy so his whole pod was shaking, which is enough to put anyone off.

Each capsule has four beds, a dining area and a shared bathroom.

You have to compensate for a rustic toilet with a stellar view, though, as the walls and ceiling of these suites are transparent.

If you’re particularly brave, there’s also an open-air seating area on top of each polyhedron.


Overnight in the worlds scariest hotel 🏨

♬ original sound – Povs Adventures

After waking up at sunrise, the content creator journeyed to the breakfast pod, while the housekeepers and resupply climbers arrived with massive bags.

Everything is climbed up, including an AC unit, which can be seen in his video.

Having packed up his stuff, the TikToker then made his descent down the mountain using six zip lines, one of which he managed to get stuck on.

World’s scariest hotel price

If you’re seriously considering staying here too, current rates start at $569 per night.

This includes transportation from a Cusco hotel, guides, equipment, a snack for the ascent, dinner with wine, and breakfast.



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