Would you drive this one-seater micro-car to battle traffic?

  • This ultra-efficient, single-seater EV concept was designed for busy cities
  • The cute concept micro-car is nicknamed Zigy
  • Its creators say the all-electric concept combines ‘design ingenuity and engineering excellence’

Published on Jul 05, 2024 at 7:53 AM (UTC+4)
by Claire Reid

Last updated on Jul 05, 2024 at 7:29 PM (UTC+4)
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This ultra-efficient, one-seater EV concept was designed to help combat the problem of overcrowded roads and traffic. 

The teeny vehicle – known as Zigy – was created through a partnership between Italian designer Andrea Mocellin and DEXET Technologies – with the aim of challenging people’s preconceptions surrounding compact electric vehicles.

The team behind Zigy said they came up with the idea after noticing how many ‘SUVs carrying single passengers to and from work’ were ‘clogging’ up the roads in London. 

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The micro-car was designed to tackle traffic 

In response, the team came up with the super small, zero-emission vehicle, which has been purpose-designed for commuting inside a busy, traffic heavy, city, such as London. 

Zigy is the latest in a longline of vehicles that were created to try and tackle the issue of congestion – such as the laptop-sized Walkcar, or the slightly more exciting Airscooter: a personal flying machine that offers an alternative to cars altogether. 

Zigy’s creator said that he and the team wanted to ensure their creation wasn’t just functional but also looked pretty cool. And we’ll let you be the judge of whether you think they achieved that or not.

“This project represents a convergence of design ingenuity and engineering excellence,” says Mocellin. 

“Our goal is to reshape urban mobility by creating vehicles that not only meet the demands of modern cities but exceed expectations in both functionality and aesthetics.”

Zigy is extremely environmentally friendly

Zigy showcases ‘supreme aerodynamic efficiency and a lightweight construction, perfectly suited to the challenges of congested city streets’, according to a press release shared by the company

The ultra-compact all-electric also has green credentials to be proud of – as well as being emission-free, its chassis was made using thermoplastic composites, which offer better reusability and recyclability than thermosets.

Meanwhile, a ‘selection of carbon fibers and natural fibers’ were used for both the exterior and interior bodywork panels. So all in all, it’s about as green as you can get.

But I suppose the real question is, would you be happy to leave the car at home and hop into Zigy for your daily commute?

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