Watch this boy, 3, drive and PARK his parents’ $550,000 Ferrari SF 90 Stradale

Zayn Sofuoğlu’s parents have filmed him driving the $550,000 Ferrari and parking it better than most drivers you see on the road today.

by | Published on 7th Feb 2023

This three-year-old kid not only has access to a Ferrari SF 90 Stradale, but he actually drives it. 

And he drives it well. 

Zayn Sofuoğlu’s parents have filmed him driving the $550,000 Ferrari and parking it better than most drivers you see on the road today.

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In the video, which has since amassed 700,000 likes and 5,000 comments, Zayn can be seen setting everything up for the stunt himself.

First, he pulls up a chair to reach and open the garage door.

And then, because he’s too little to see over the steering wheel, he sets up a little makeshift windscreen for himself using an iPad and GoPro.


With the GoPro on top of the car and the iPad in the center console, the GoPro feeds footage through to the iPad in real-time so Zayn can see where he’s going. 

Then, it’s go time.

Zayn shifts all the way forward in his seat so he can reach the peddles and smashes the accelerator.

The three-year-old then navigates his way around his parents’ driveway before reversing back into the garage. 

But because the GoPro only feeds images from the front of the car through to the iPad, Zayn appears to completely wing it when reversing back into the garage. 

So, we have to believe he got some help in the form of ‘stooppp’ from his parents when the $550,000 Ferrari neared the back wall.

The video might be shocking, but it’s less surprising when you know who his father is.

His father is Kenan Sofuoglu, a former professional motorcycle racer who holds a record five Supersport World Championship titles.

So the ability to drive actually runs in his blood. 

Zayn doesn’t just drive supercars, he’s also already mastered the motorcycle. 

In another video, the three-year-old can be seen riding an 1800 CC motorbike, smiling from ear to ear the entire time.

He can also waterski, race Go Karts and even fly a drone.

And his exploits have amassed him a whopping 872,000 followers on Instagram.

This kid certainly has an exciting future ahead of him. 



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