Curtain finally lifts on the all-new Zenvo Aurora

Danish hypercar maker Zenvo has just unveiled its lightest and most powerful model ever.

by | Published on 16th Aug 2023

The Zenvo Aurora has officially been unveiled on the eve of Monterey Car Week.

There’s been chatter about the all-new Danish hypercar for some time now.

But, the curtain’s finally been lifted – and it’s all and more than we expected.

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For starters, two variants of the Zenvo Aurora have been launched simultaneously – Agil and Tur.

Translated from Danish as ‘Agile’ and ‘Touring’, one’s a track-focused high-downforce version, while the other’s designed for road use.

Clearly, the brand understands that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work with hypercars.

But, despite being very different cars for very different drivers, both models offer the same thing – heaps of power.

Power and performance

Both Zenvo Aurora models have a 6.6-liter quad-turbocharged V12 engine developed by MAHLE Powertrain.

It’s a bespoke powerplant, mid-mounted behind the cockpit, producing a hefty 1,250bhp and revving to 9,800rpm.

But, there’s more, as it’s also got a lightweight electric motor system linked to it, generating up to 600bhp depending on drivetrain configuration.

The Agil’s rear wheel-drive system features a single integrated electric motor generating 200bhp.

Meanwhile, the four wheel-drive setup – standard on the Tur and optional on the Agil – adds a further electric motor to each of the front wheels offering 1,850bhp.

The result seamlessly blends instant power and torque, delivering naturally aspirated engine-style throttle response.

Not only that, but it makes the powertrain the most powerful V12 engine ever fitted to a road car.


Despite being built around the same chassis and powertrain, the Agil and Tur are set up very differently.

With a more aerodynamically aggressive stance and profile, the Agil is the lighter weight, more track-focused model.

As such, it features underbody aerodynamics and a high-level rear wing with air brake function.

As you’d expect, inside the cabin is stripped of comforts and unneccesary luxuries, with the carbon chassis exposed in several places.

Ultra-lightweight technical materials have been used to upholster the seats, doors, and dashboard.

This weight-saving approach means the Agil weighs in at less than 2,866lbs (1,300kg).

The more aggressive design delivers enhanced levels of downforce, producing 880kgs of downforce at 250km/h (155mph), and a top speed of 365km/h (227mph).

In other words, it’s an absolute track monster.

Meanwhile, the Tur is the grand touring variant, with a beautifully sculpted exterior and dynamics set up for stability and comfortable on-road driving.

The design also comes with a standard four wheel-drive system.

Basically, it delivers the same unwavering performance, but in a much more subtle and elegant manner. 

Despite having a heavier drivetrain, the Tur’s more aerodynamically efficient shape will accelerate on to a top speed of 450km/h (280mph).

What’s more, its cabin is appointed with high specification, tactile materials and increased levels of sound proofing.

This produces a more traditional luxury GT environment for the occupants.

Zenvo Aurora price

Just 100 Zenvo Aurora models will be built in total – 50 examples of each.

Production is expected to commence in 2025, with first deliveries set for 2026.

As for cost, pricing is said to be from $2.84 million, although it’s believed the majority are already accounted for.



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