This robot will find you a parking space AND charge your EV while you’re on the go 

Published on Jun 18, 2022 at 1:00PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Jun 17, 2022 at 4:39PM (UTC+4)

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This robot will find you a parking space AND charge your EV while you’re on the go

This is Ziggy, a mobile robot that will charge your battery-powered vehicle while you’re out and about. 

Ziggy is basically a battery bank on wheels that you can summon with your mobile phone. 

And if that’s not cool enough, it will also find a parking space for you and reserve it until you get there. 

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Once your car’s fully charged, Ziggy will then return to its home base in the parking lot and recharge itself on the power grid. 

The charging bank will have cameras on all four sides, a front headlight, a safety sensor band and a tail light. 

It will have all-wheel steering and large screens on both sides with optional touchscreen capabilities. 

The company says the screens will not only show people how to use Ziggy, they will also be able to serve as advertisement boards. 


The company behind Ziggy, EV Safe Charge, believes the robot will revolutionize the industry. 

It hasn’t announced a launch date as yet, but says the robot will go into production as early as 2023. 

Various parking lots in the US, including in San Francisco and Brooklyn, have already signed on to give Ziggy a home when it’s officially launched. 

We can certainly see the benefit of Ziggy for both drivers and parking lots. 

Drivers won’t need to wait for particular parking spots with a charging station because Ziggy can meet them anywhere. 

And parking lots won’t need to install specific parking spots for EVs. 

Win, win. 

Why do we need Ziggy the EV charger?

EV Safe Charge founder Caradoc Ehrenhalt said Ziggy was the future of charging in an ever-growing EV landscape. 

“Strong EV sales and emissions reduction goals are creating a more sustainable future, but EV charging infrastructure isn’t keeping up,” he said. 

He said the Ziggy EV charger could be introduced to virtually any office, mall or apartment complex “to help meet growing charging needs”. 

He said installing charging points in every carpark was extremely expensive and, in some older buildings, not even an option. 

In situations like this, he said Ziggy was the answer. 

It all sounds pretty great, but as someone who drives an old-fashioned petrol-guzzling car, I have to admit it would be pretty frustrating to find a free parking space only to realize a robot had reserved it for someone else. 

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