Watch 1967 Ford Mustang get pulled from a swamp after 28 years

The 1967 Ford Mustang was in a sorry state having sat dormant in a swap for 28 years, but Maverick Mechanic managed to transform the car into a new creation.

by | Published on 1st Mar 2023

There’s something so satisfying about watching someone rescue an iconic Ford Mustang.

After 28 years sitting dormant in a swamp, this 1967 car looked dead and buried.

But Derek Bieri, aka Maverick Mechanic, was up for the challenge and set about trying to transform the car.

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The YouTube video, posted to the MotorTrend Channel, doesn’t reveal a whole lot about the Ford Mustang.

All we’re told is that it’s a one-owner car ordered from factory with several options.

And, as you’d expect from a car sitting for so long, it was rough round the edges.

To make matters worse, Derek popped the hood and immediately noticed two different paint colors.

It also wasn’t the original hood, suggesting the Ford Mustang had been involved in an accident at some point.

Not deterred by this, he dragged the car from the swamp and started working on getting her to fire up.

This took some time, so Derek had to be patient, but his patience paid off and soon she was idling.

Next up were the brakes, which after sitting in dirt and water for nearly three decades, had well and truly seized.

Once he freed them up, Derek made the journey back to his workshop and pressure washed off the years of dirt and grime.

He then stripped the engine bay, giving it a rattle-can restoration, before putting a new fuel tank in the trunk.

Meanwhile, Derek drafted in someone to look after the interior which was in desperate need of reupholstering. 

Once the holes in the floor pan had been filled, the Ford Mustang was then transported to the local exhaust shop to have a new system fitted.

Back from the exhaust shop, Derek then put a new door on the Ford Mustang, which needed roughin’ up and rattling canning to match the car’s patina.

All in all, it needed a fair bit of work to get it back on the road and it’s nowhere near perfect, but the Ford Mustang is the perfect go-into-town rig.

Watch the transformation video for yourself here.



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