$20m Bugatti to James Bond’s Aston Martin: 5 iconic cars that defined these brands

Here are some of the most legendary cars of all time.

by | Published on 4th Jun 2022

Out of the billions of cars made over the last century, it is hard to choose the ones that really stand out – especially considering the variety.

Here are some of the most legendary cars of all time, from a $20 million Bugatti to a $10 million Ford.

5. Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic

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The Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic has one of the most revolutionary designs of any car… and a pretty impressive price tag.

Nowadays, a single Type 57 can sell for as much as $20 million. This is outrageous.

Jean Bugatti, the son of company founder Ettore Bugatti, was responsible for this beautifully flowing and innovative design.

Many people claim that this Bugatti was in fact the world’s first supercar.

The Type 57 had a top speed of about 200km/h (123 mph) which for 1936 was extremely impressive. During its six years of production, Bugatti produced 710 examples from the whole Type 57 range.

4. Ford GT40

Here is the very famous 1960s Le Mans-winning car. Henry Ford really wanted a car at the legendary Le Mans race so he built this.

Ford really pushed the boat out with this one. They had their issues at the start but eventually went on to win Le Mans twice and this was the first car to ever win the race more than once.

If you look now, the Ford GT has gone down in history as being a very desirable car and is a real collector’s item.

Even the 2016 variant is sought after.

One can reportedly sell for about $10 million.

3. Aston Martin DB5

The DB5 is probably the most recognisable car on Earth.

Of course we all know it from James Bond. It is by far the most desirable Aston Martin ever made. It is powered by a 4.0-litre straight-six engine that pumps out 280HP.

Unfortunately, they didn’t all come as standard with all the gadgets you see in the films, but Aston did make a special James Bond edition (pictured) that came with all the bells and whistles.

Sean Connery’s DB5 is being auctioned off in August, and it’s expected to sell for between $1.4 million and $1.8 million.

2. McLaren F1

It would be nearly impossible to make a list of the most legendary cars of all time and not include the iconic McLaren F1.

This car was made out of a plethora of materials, including carbon fiber, titanium, gold, magnesium and even Kevlar.

This helps it to be lighter than most cars kicking about today, weighing in at only 1,138kg (2,509lbs).

It also broke the record for the world’s fastest production car in 1998 at a staggering 386km/h (240mph).

A McLaren F1 sold for $20.5 million back in August last year.

1. Porsche 356 Speedster

The 356 was considered the first production car from Porsche.

It was designed by no other than Ferdinand Porsche himself.

While some may say it looks like a Beetle, it is by no means a Beetle.

This wasn’t created for speed but for summer cruising and driver fulfilment.

But more important than all that, the Porsche 356 Speedster was the very beginning of the 911 which was, and still is, a car that has changed motoring for the better. Porsche, we thank you.

One on auction site Bring A Trailer sold for $285,000 in 2021.




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