Watch this Mustang get a crazy 2,000 hp makeover

Amazingly loud and extremely powerful - this 2000 hp Ford Mustang is a tire-smoking, drag-racing machine.

by | Published on 21st Feb 2023

‘Too slow’ and ‘underpowered’ aren’t exactly the first two adjectives that spring to mind when talking about the Mustang.

Mind you, this guy clearly had different ideas.

This probably explains why he decided to slam a 2,000-hp engine under the hood of his Ford Mustang.

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The mastermind behind this crazy build is Westen Champlin, an American YouTuber who specializes in pony cars with crazy horsepower figures.

Champlin said he originally tried to make a 1,500-hp Mustang but the first prototype died after about 10 minutes of intense use.

For that reason, he decided to up the ante by slamming an additional 500 hp under the hood because why not.


It all started with a relatively unassuming big block Ford Mustang that Champlin left in the middle of a field for six months.

And the first thing he had to do?

He had to remove a rat’s nest from the hood, which is not a good start.

After that, Champlin and his business partner took the old motor out of the car, and that’s where the hard part began.

Champlin took delivery of a a 2,000-hp blown-alcohol big block V8, which is the same engine that monster trucks and dragsters use.

However, the engine was too big to fit in the hood so Champlin broke out the most sophisticated tool in his box… a hammer.

Yes, he literally hammered the big block plate to make it smaller and it worked.

They then put the top back on, hooked up the cooling system and Bob’s your uncle.

Champlin did admit that getting the engine run, shut off properly and stop leaking fuel took a while – but they finally got it done.

The engine makes one hell of a racket and it puts out an exorbitant amount of torque since the tires are pretty much always smoking.

Speaking of which, the engine began smoking it since a flux capacitor caught fire.

It may need a few tweaks here and there but the car works, which means sooner or later he’s going to take it to the track.

Stay tuned.



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