Robot fight club! The 4-ton suit that makes you strong enough to flip a CAR

Published on May 27, 2022 at 9:45 AM (UTC+4)
by Kate Bain

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Robot fight club! The 4-ton suit that makes you strong enough to flip a CAR

Ever wanted to fight someone while wearing a giant robotic suit? 

Well, it’s your lucky day. 

This is a fully functional giant mechanical suit designed to be used in what can only be described as a robot fight club. 

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The invention designed by Prosthesis has no automation and no ability to walk or balance by itself. 

It relies solely on the pilot for all its movement.

The pilot’s arm and leg movements are amplified to control the suit’s four giant steel legs. 

So essentially, it moves the way you move. 

It sounds easy, but it’s not. 


If you take one look at someone piloting the suit (which I strongly suggest, it’s great!), you’ll realize just how difficult it is to control. 

It requires incredible focus and many hours of training to master. 

But once it’s mastered, this thing is really, really cool! 

The suit weighs a whopping 4000kg (about 4.4 tons), stands four meters tall, five meters wide and three meters long.

Imagine a mammoth beast responding to your every move… .

And it’s powerful enough to flip a car, which the pilots often do at a scrapyard in Squamish, in Canada’s British Columbia, where they’re based.

The designers say the fully electric robotic suit is “a celebration of the age-old pursuit of physical mastery and human skill”.

For anyone wanting to pilot a suit themselves, Prosthesis says it has a “nearly endless supply of wrecks slated for the crusher that we’ll be able to have our way with”. 

The grand vision for the suit was to pit world-class athletes against each other in a competition unlike any other. 

While wearing the suit, athletes would compete in a “complex, technical obstacle course”. 

Now that’s something I’d pay to see! 

To create the first prototype in 2017, Prosthesis says it took more than three years of “grueling field trials”. 

Now in 2022, the suit has undergone a bunch of upgrades and they’re looking for more pilots to take control. 

To become a pilot of the mech suit, you can apply here.


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