Insane $48 million villa has a supercar glass room

The $48 million villa was clearly designed by (and for) someone with taste, as it includes a host of quirky features, like the rooftop view which is to die for.

by | Published on 10th May 2023

This $48 million villa in Dubai is insane, and it’s packed with eye-candy details for design lovers.

Supercar Blondie’s Alex Hirschi gave us an exclusive tour inside the mansion, and it’s absolutely bonkers.

Have a look.

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The property spans across 45,000 sq ft of usable space, a significant portion of which is devoted to – surprise surprise – cars.

The driveway is large enough to fit a dozen supercars and, more importantly, it’s probably the most fun way of getting into the house.

We like to think the owner would do exactly what Alex and Domi did in the video.

Rather than using the front door, you get into your Bugatti, drive into the garage and enter the house from there.

In said garage, you’ll find a Lamborghini Huracán STO, a Ferrari LaFerrari, an old school Maybach limousine, and of course the Bugatti Veyron.

Aside from a lounge area, the underground level also has a pool room with a glass wall, which gives you a full view of the garage.

That way, you can distract your friends with your supercars and beat them at pool.

You also have a whole wall dedicated to snacks, dubbed ‘Snackhouse’, and a home cinema.

By the way, the door handle is shaped like a vintage Hollywood film roll – that’s just class.

Moving on to the first floor, you’ll find yourself in a large area with a silver-painted staircase, unique chandeliers, and a cigar room.

This floor also gives you access to a patio with a ginormous wrap-around swimming pool.

Mind you, the real party is upstairs.

First, the home has a rooftop area that looks like it belongs to a five-star hotel.

The view is outstanding.

And secondly, and perhaps more importantly, this house has an extra lift for your supercar.

What you do is you can park your favorite car in the lift, send it upstairs and park it right next to your office.

As you do.

Huge thanks to Luxury Property for letting us in and showing us this incredible place.



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