Video shows how much force there is in a crash of just 7 km/h

It's a simulated test in a controlled environment but even so, the 7 km/h crash is enough to leave people pretty scared.

by | Published on 12th Sep 2023

Car crashes are always traumatic, no matter how fast or slow one might be going.

MrTraffiQ took to TikTok to share a video simulation of a car crash at 7 km/h (3 mph) and it looks quite scary.

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The simulation was carried out indoors, in a controlled environment, and even so, you can see how people were not exactly ready for what they thought would be a mild crash.

It’s designed by driving schools to show drivers and / or would-be drivers who are about to get their license, what the impact feels like.

In short, this is how it works.

You’ve got a metal frame mounted on top of some metal rails, and then on top of the frame you’ve got two car seats complete with safety belts.

The frame is custom built for the simulation, as is the platform on which the frame is attached, but the seats are just car seats.

In the clip, four people tried out the simulator and their reaction says it all.

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Even though we’re only talking about a 7 km/h crash, you can see how the simulated crash makes them jump from their seat.

As you can imagine, the video caused diverse reactions from users.

“Well, 7 km/h, that’s basically the same as going for a jog,” one user said.

“Sure that’s impressive, but it all depends on the type of impact, and against what,” another user said.

And then a third user gave an interesting perspective.

“That is actually inaccurate, because the body panels would bend and break in order to absorb part of the impact,” he said.



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