New images released of 72m superyacht ‘Moonflower’

Designed and built in Italy, the Moonflower 72 is a 72m superyacht with a (patented) expandable beach club on the aft deck - it looks like pure luxury.

by | Published on 19th May 2023

This is the Moonflower 72, an upcoming luxury 72m superyacht that’s being built as we speak.

The original announcement was made a while back but we hadn’t seen any exterior images until now.

New pictures are now available, and the yacht looks magnificent.

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Sketched by Nauta Design and built at the Wider Superyacht Hub near Venice in Italy, the Moonflower 72 features a streamlined hull and a massive beach club on the aft deck.

This 236-foot yacht (equivalent to 72 meters, hence the name) is, according to Nauta and naval architect Francesco Rogantin, inspired by the silhouette of “a knife blade slicing through the water.”

The exterior follows the same design language as other Nauta yachts, with a slim, slender silhouette.

However, what makes the Moonflower 72 unique is new type of beach club concept that was created and patented by Nauta Design.

The aft deck is expandable and it comprises fold-down platforms that extend to make the beach club longer and wider.

When fully extended, the beach club offers 117 square meters of usable space – or 1,159 square foot.

Among other things, you also get a saltwater swimming pool as part of the beach club.

In addition to making the beach club larger, the custom aft deck design also gives guests direct access to the beach club straight from their cabin.

No need to get changed, open doors or climb stairs – they just get out of the cabin, walk outside and jump in the pool.

Moonflower 72 is made using a combination of steel and aluminum, and is powered by a hybrid propulsion system.

It uses two generators, each capable of putting out nearly 2,500 horsepower.

Nauta aims to deliver the yacht by 2025 with an eight-figure price tag.



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