The new Nautilus Submarine Yacht will take you to the deep, dark depths of the ocean

The Nautilus has all the amenities and cruising capabilities of a superyacht while also being able to seal itself up and dive 150 meters below the surface.

by | Published on 25th Apr 2023

Superyachts are the Rolls-Royce of the sea, but they barely scratch the surface when it comes to exploring the deep blue waters below. 

That’s where the new Nautilus Submarine Yacht concept by U-Boat Worx comes in. 

The Nautilus has all the amenities and cruising capabilities of a superyacht while also being able to seal itself up and dive 150 meters below the surface.

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The Dutch submersible manufacturer describes its brand-new concept as not just a means of transportation, but a “true exploration vessel designed to reach and explore the most remote places of the ocean”. 

The diesel-electric submarine yacht features luxuries you’d usually only expect to find on a superyacht, including a massive sundeck with a freshwater pool, a bar, and spacious lounge area.


The interior is just as luxe.

The inside cabin is made up of a comfortable lounge area with beautiful big circular windows bringing the outside in. 

It also has a master stateroom and four guest rooms, all with large windows allowing you to immerse yourself in the underwater scenery as you’re rocked to sleep.

Unbelievably, U-Boat Worx has designed the submarine with an onboard gym too.

The Nautilus also has a fully-equipped galley and sleeping quarters for up to seven crew, so you and your guests will be well looked after as you cruise the open seas. 

And just like Kim Kardashian’s private jet, the Nautilus will be fitted with a special air filtration system, providing both fresh and temperature-controlled air. 

Speed and range

The Nautilus has a projected surface cruising speed of nine knots and an underwater speed of four knots. 

It has a range of 100 nautical miles or 12 hours when traveling underwater. 

When traveling above the water, that cruising range extends to 3,200 nautical miles. 

Nautilus Submarine Yacht specs 

– Maximum operating depth of 150 meters (500 feet) 

– A range of 3,200 NM 

– It can carry up to 7 crew and 10 guests 

– Length 37.5 meters 

– Weight 1,250 tons 

U-Boat Worx says it got its inspiration for the Nautilus from Jules Verne’s classic novel, ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea’. 

The 1870 novel follows the story of Captain Nemo as he captains his submarine beneath the sea. 

The book’s depiction of the underwater vessel was so technologically advanced that it has captivated and inspired engineers and designers ever since. 



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