These cars are all the same size! Check out these optical illusions fooling the internet

Published on May 18, 2022 at 1:55 PM (UTC+4)
by Louise Cheer

Last updated on Jul 01, 2022 at 5:17 PM (UTC+4)
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These cars are all the same size! Check out these optical illusions fooling the internet

It may be a trick of the eye, but there’s definitely something strange going on in these videos.

We’ve rounded up some of the best car optical illusions, so can you figure out what’s going on before the reveal?

1. What’s the deal with this Lamborghini?

At first glance, this guy looks like he’s getting into a Lamborghini right?

But the video reveals nothing is as it seems here…

2. Brake, brake, brake!

This SUV looks like it’s driving through a brick wall, but wait for it…

Yep, there’s a path through that brick wall to the left.

The photo doesn’t really do this trick justice so watch the TikTok from the Car VS bollards below, this brick wall optical illusion is at the end of that video.

3. Car VS bollards

Ever made a wrong turn down a street and been blocked off?

Well, this is what happened to this SUV, but there was more to this story.

4. This car looks like it’s driving off a building

No, this car is not driving off a building, but it sure looks like it.

It’s part of a trend of 3D billboards seen in major cities across the world. The best ones we have seen are in New York and Tokyo.

5. Vanishing traffic

This video of cars disappearing into thin air had us baffled.

But even though it looks like the cars are vanishing into a pool of water, they’re actually driving undercover into a building.

Watch the video below:

6. Don’t be fooled, these cars are the same size

This photo is a trick of the eye, according to @beatonthebeeb.

In the TikTok video, the user shows how perspective plays a part in this optical illusion.

7. This is not a beach scene…

Look at this photo and tell me what you see?

At first you might see a calming beach at night. They look like waves washing up on sand right?

But take a second look… it’s actually a car bumper with a massive chip in it – not so relaxing.

8. A floating car?

Another car optical illusion that’s fooled the internet.

This totally looks like a car floating on the spot, but that’s not the case.

All four wheels are firmly on the ground.

It’s the shadow and lighting that’s made everyone think twice.

9. This “pothole” had drivers confused

A tunnel with a giant pit the size of an entire lane? Surely not.

The red lights show how many drivers freaked out at this optical illusion.

But turns out it’s just a huge puddle of water.

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