Watch these guys fix an abandoned Lincoln Town Car Limo

These guys have bought an old 1986 Lincoln Town Car Limo that was previously abandoned for 20 years. Then they got to work making it run again.

by | Published on 1st Apr 2023

This isn’t your usual abandoned car.

No, this is a 35.5-foot Lincoln Town Car Limo that’s been sitting out for 20 years.

And these guys thought it’d be a good idea to buy it and attempt to get it running again.

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They posted a video about it over on their YouTube channel, Junkyard Digs.

Quite frankly it’s hilarious.

At the start, we find out that it’s a 1986 Lincoln Town Car Ultra Limousine with tandem rear axles that, unbelievably, is powered by a 302 engine.

On the inside, there’s a bench seat that folds down into a queen-sized bed with surrounding mirrors.

There’s also a full bar, mini bar, phone, three TVs, and two other couches. 

Quite disgustingly, the guys describe the inside smelling like mouse urine, and that there are lots of stains, so plenty of de-germ will be needed.

Up the front, it’s pretty much a regular 1986 Lincoln Town Car, with thousands of buttons on the door, and a bolt-upright driving position.

First, the guys hooked up a battery to see if the engine would turn over.

It did, but there wasn’t any immediate sign it’d start up, so the guys passed some time playing around with the car’s many accessories to see if they worked.

Back on with the engine, the oil levels were checked as was the air filter for mice nests, before the fuel tank was dropped to check the pump.

The pump was broken, and with a three-day wait for a new one, the guys had to apply a temporary fix.

But with a bit of tinkering, several other replacement parts, and lots of patience, the Lincoln Town Car Limo eventually sprung back to life.

She wasn’t running perfectly, so the guys had to try a few different things to see what the cause of the problem could be.

With the problem seemingly solved, they jumped in and headed out for a test drive.

Perhaps the funniest part of the video is the test drive when the guys get to grips with driving the ‘boat’.

It’s a great video and well worth a watch.



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