These guys just built the world’s first double-ended car

These guys just cut up two Toyota Prius and welded them back together to make the world's first double-ended car.

by | Published on 23rd Mar 2023

These guys have just built the world’s first double-ended car using a Toyota Prius.

Kaz Sawyer and Chris Nosalek have an auto shop where they work on hybrids and electric cars.

When they looked around and realized they had a bunch of Toyota Prius cars lying around that had their catalytic converters stolen, they knew they couldn’t just let them rust.

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Rather than sending them to the junkyard, Chris and Kaz set out trying to build the world’s first double-ended Toyota Prius.

And luckily for us, they shared the whole process on YouTube.

They started by lifting the two cars up on ramps, removing all the major components, and preparing them to be cut in half.

After removing the battery from one of the Prius’, they marked where they’d cut, and got to work taking the back end off.

Next up, they had to do the same thing to the other Prius, before they could line up both cars to see where they would be welded together.

Welding them together isn’t straightforward, though, as they need to be precisely lined up so the double-ended Toyota Prius doesn’t walk like a crab.

Once the two cars were welded together, it was time for the guys to take it out for a test drive.

You can watch the action unfold here!

The exhaust was blowing making heaps of noise, but that didn’t stop the guys from having fun driving it around.

That was until they went over a bump in the road and the two cars literally broke apart.

The video pretty much ends there, but Kaz talks about plans to properly weld the double-ended Toyota Prius back together in the future.

We eagerly await their next update.



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