YouTuber attaches 10-foot wheels to his Tesla and drives it upside down

Cody Detwiler puts his brand-new Tesla Model 3 through a series of durability tests before ultimately driving it upside down.

by | Published on 17th Mar 2023

A YouTuber has attached 10-foot tall wheels to his Tesla and driven it upside down. 

Cody Detwiler from Whistlin Diesel bought a brand-new Tesla Model 3 just to test how capable the electric cars really were. 

“Are Teslas quality cars? Are they safe for your children? Can they drive upside down? Can the fancy white seats really hold up to a 28” logging chainsaw?” 

They’re not the average questions a Tesla buyer might have, but they get to answering them anyway.

You can watch the action unfold here!

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First, Detwiler wants to see if the Tesla stops for a sign the same size and shape as a kid. 

It’s the first test, and the car fails, slamming into the sign at full speed. 

In the next test, Detwiler wants to see how durable the seats are. 

So, he hacks at the backseat with a 28” logging chainsaw. 

Unsurprisingly, the seats are no match. 

We’re not sure what he thought would happen with this one, but it’s par for the course in a Whistlin Diesel video. 

After a few more durability tests, including summoning the car through a garage door, the guys get to the question of the day; can a Tesla drive upside down? 

First, they make special 10-foot tall wheels so the car can fit without the roof touching the ground. 

They’re so tall, that the Tesla can easily drive over the top of a Ferrari. 

With the wheels on, Detwiler takes off down the road, plowing through his front gate as he goes.  

“Now all I have to do is carefully flip the Tesla upside down,” he says. 

Once he gets into town, he uses a massive Cat excavator to do just that. 

Standing on the massive steel tires, the Tesla is officially upside down and looks like it’s floating in the air. 

Detwiler jumps in the driver’s seat and it’s the moment of truth. 

With blood rushing to his face, he manages to drive the Tesla upside down. 

It’s not winning any speed records, but that’s beside the point. 

Even though they’d answered the big question and successfully driven a Tesla upside down, Detwiler didn’t want to call it a day just yet. 

So, for the car’s final durability test, he flips it right side up and sends it hurtling down a steep hill. 

So now there’s only one question left.

Did they put the original wheels back on or did they leave it like that?



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