YouTubers drop a Toyota Hilux from 10,000 feet in the air

From tackling near-vertical drops in Moab Utah, to dropping it from 10,000 feet in the air, these guys put the Toyota Hilux to the ultimate durability test.

by | Published on 1st Mar 2023

These guys have put ‘the world’s most indestructible truck’ to the ultimate test. 

The boys over at Whistlin Diesel in the US bought a new Toyota Hilux to test its durability, and to do that, they put it through the craziest tests you’ll find on the internet. 

From tackling near vertical drops in Moab, Utah, to dropping it from 10,000 feet in the air, the tests get crazier and crazier. 

“Everyone told me to see if these were actually as durable as they say they are, so here we go,” Whistlin Diesel’s Cody Detwiler said.

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Toyota Hilux durability test – Test 1 

Detwiler said he wanted to kick the test off with “what a normal person would do over the course of 25 years” but do it all “in one day”. 

From slamming car doors as hard as he can, to loading it up with 2500 pounds of bricks and pushing it so hard that it flies through the air, they do it all. 

Test 1 ends with Detwiler driving the Hilux straight into a tree, and apart from bending the frame a bit, the Hilux comes away in unbelievable working order.

“I’ve never seen anything take a beating like this, this is off the charts, this thing is insanely durable,” he said. 

Toyota Hilux durability test – Test 2 

Test 2 kicks off with the guys simulating what they call “an average car wreck”. 

Detwiler crashes the car, rolling it onto its side. 

And while the front windscreen smashes, the rest of the truck remains in really good nick.

The boys then test its towing capacity, loading it up with 30,000 pounds, which is what the hitch is rated for.

And unsurprisingly, the eight-ton Hilux pulls the 30,000 pounds easily. 

Next? A tug-of-war between the Toyota Hilux and a Ford Raptor. 

At first, the Toyota Hilux pulls the Raptor easily, but then the Raptor takes over and wins. 

Considering what they already put the car through, it’s pretty impressive the Hilux faired as well as it did. 

Test 3

Toyota Hilux durability test 3 takes place in Moab Utah, home to some of the world’s toughest terrain. 

Not only do they launch it over massive boulders, but they tackle a near-vertical drop. 

And of course, the Hillux smashes the test. 

Check this out… 

Test 4

The fourth and final test is out-of-this-world nuts. 

Detwiler and his team plan to drop the Hilux from 10,000 feet in the air. 

So, they rig it up and lift it into the air with a helicopter.

At first, they drop it from 500 feet to test how it fairs, and as you could have guessed, the result is pretty disastrous. 

The truck is absolutely wrecked when it smashes into the ground. 

But instead of calling it a day, they lift it straight back into the air to drop it from 10,000 feet. 

When they do this, it falls for what feels like forever until the truck finally hits the ground and turns into a pancake.

So, what can we take away from this? 

The New Toyota Hilux is insanely durable, until you drop it to the ground from a helicopter that is. 

What else? 

There are some crazy people out there willing to do some batsh*t crazy stunts for the sake of our entertainment.



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