Quiz: How much do you know about Bentley?

From the unusual materials it uses to the nickname of its most popular engine, how much do you know about Bentley?

by | Published on 23rd Sep 2022

When you think of luxury car brands, Bentley will always spring to mind.

The company has built vehicles for millionaires, billionaires, and of course, royals.

Bentley is known for its incredible attention to detail and luxury finishes, but there’s so much more to the brand.

So, it’s time to test your knowledge and see how well you really know Bentley with this quiz.

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#1. Which of these IS true?

No, Bentley is definitely still part of the VW Group and therefore not independent, and no, it has never made tractors.


However, as crazy as it sounds, it is true that the company makes honey with its own bees.

#2. Which of these is not true?

Yes, Rolls-Royce owned Bentley (for more than 40 years!)

Yes, the first-gen Continental GT was basically a re-engineered Audi A8

Yes, the Bentayga is the brand’s best-selling vehicle

But no, Bentley has never competed in Formula 1.

#3. What type of unusual material did Bentley use for the Batur?

Yup, you read that right.

The material that was used to upholster the door panels of the Bentley Batur was actually created out of coffee beans.

#4. TRUE or FALSE: Mulliner, Bentley's in-house coachbuilder, is actually older than Bentley itself.

It’s true.

Bentley was founded in 1919 while Mulliner was founded in 1897.

Not only that, Mulliner can actually trace its roots back to a family business that was making saddles in the 1700s.

#5. In which famous 007 novel does James Bond drive a Blower Bentley?

Even though we normally associate Bond with Astons and Jaguars, the world’s most famous fictional spy actually drove a Bentley in the first three novels: Casino Royale, Live and Let Die and Moonraker.

#6. What is the Bentley Bacalar named after?

The car is named after Lake Bacalar in the Yucatán peninsula, near Mexico’s border with Belize.

#7. How many cylinders does Bentley's flagship engine have?

The first Bentley’s 6.75 L V8 was launched in 1970 and it has been used in just about every Bentley model since.

It is also sometimes known by its nickname: ‘six and three quarter’.

#8. Bentley has a long-standing partnership with which watch brand?

The partnership between Breitling and Bentley started in 2002 and, as both brands often note, is the longest ever partnership between a watch brand and a luxury car manufacturer.

#9. Bentley once made a 'State Limousine' for Queen Elizabeth II, how many units did they build?

It’s based on the Bentley Arnage but is longer, taller, and more powerful, with 400 hp in total.

Only 2 were built and both are still owned by the Royal Family.



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