Afghanistan is making its very own supercar – and it’s come out of nowhere

A prototype of the country's first-ever supercar is being developed by a team of supercar enthusiasts and engineers.

by | Published on 22nd Nov 2022

Afghanistan is probably the last place you would expect a supercar to be built.

But a team of Afghan supercar enthusiasts and engineers have done just that.

A video of the ENTOP ‘Mada 9’ supercar has emerged on social media – and it’s gone viral.


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People have been quick to show their appreciation online for the Mada 9, which seems to have come out of nowhere.

As you can appreciate, details of the secretive supercar are scarce to say the least.


Rumor has it, the car is made from lightweight composite materials.

It’s also rumored to be based on a tubular frame chassis, with F1-style pushrod suspension, and a mid-engine configuration – in other words, the engine will sit behind the driver.

Quite how big said engine is and what output it will have is unknown.

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The Mada 9 supercar prototype has been built from the ground up at the Navavari Center of Technical and Vocational Education of Afghanistan.

The prototype has been developed with the hilly terrains of Afghanistan in mind and will be rigorously tested before eventually being put into production.

Muhammad Raza Ahmadi, CEO of ENTOP, said that the team had been developing the prototype’s body and engine for five years.

You won’t have long to wait for the finished product, though.

Ahmadi claims the project will be concluded in two weeks, which he then plans to unveil at a car exhibition in Qatar, which is where the 2022 FIFA World Cup is currently being held.

Afghanistan supercar – a first for the country

Developing the Mada 9 might seem like an overly ambitious project, but it could prove a significant milestone for the people of Afghanistan if the supercar is successful.



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