This G-Wagen by Mansory has been pimped to perfection

Mansory has painted this G-Wagen Tiffany blue and packed it with 838hp.

by | Published on 22nd Aug 2022

Mansory has given this Mercedes AMG G-Wagen an incredible paint job and an insane amount of power under the hood.

The new color scheme is obviously the first things that stands out.

Officially, Mansory calls it the ‘Algorithmic Fade’.

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Keen-eyed car fans will draw similitaries between this blue hue and the ‘Petronas Blue’ that Mercedes-AMG Formula 1 cars use.

If you’re not into F1 but still recognize this color it’s probably because it looks a lot like another ‘famous’ blue: Tiffany blue.

Whether you call it Tiffany blue, or AMG blue, Mansory has put it everywhere.

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From the exterior to the interior, the car is decked out in the color, all the way down to the brake calipers.

There are two spoilers, one at the front and at the back, carbon fiber side steps and side tailpipes.


Carbon fiber was also used for the wing mirrors, the front bumper and the custom made hood.

For the interior, Mansory used a similar shade of blue called Feroza for the upholstery, the floor mats and the center console.

In fact, the cabin is very similar to the one you’ll find in Supercar Blondie’s own G-Wagen.

The Mansory one uses a slightly more vivid shade of blue and a lot of carbon fiber.

Meanwhile, the custom-made Brabus G-Wagen features a slightly brighter shade of pastel blue, less carbon fiber and more aluminium.

Performance-wise, Mansory decided to tweak the factory 4.0-liter V8 with the addition of a new exhaust system and a new ECU.

It now delivers 838 hp: that’s about 300 hp more than the standard G63.

And the price?

Well, Mansory hasn’t released any information about official pricing and the price is upon request.

But we can always speculate.

The Mercedes-AMG G-Class starts at around $160,000 while the latest Mansory G-Wagen before this one cost $600,000.

With that in mind, the price tag is no doubt well over $500,000.



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